I recently released an album of my compositions. It’s called Ichor of the Earth, it’s available on all the streaming and download services (I’ll put links below) and you should go listen to it.

This album was a long time in the works and is fairly significant to me, not just because it’s another vehicle into the world for my music, but also because I did virtually everything to make it. I performed electronics parts on pieces that used that instrument, I recorded, mixed, and mastered all of the audio, and I did the jacket design.

Oh, I also wrote all the music on it…

That’s certainly not to say that I didn’t rely heavily on the artistry and expertise of a host my very talented, friends.

Ryan McCarthy and Jasper Schmich Kinney both played piano.

Gil Selinger and Julia Emory played cello.

Philip Strom played bass clarinet.

Sam Liddel played bass.

David Bernot played saxophone.

Kyle Hughes played percussion.

Emily Gradowski provided her voice.

Leah Mack did the cover art.

Of course, my wife Kelly provided patience, encouragement, and her wonderful musical ear.

So it’s fun to take credit for this thing happening, and it was a lot of work personally, but ultimately there’s no way that this could have happened without the community of musicians and artists around me.

So go listen to it. And buy it. And tell people about it.
It’s good.

You can find it here:

Plus a bunch of other places that I don’t know about.